Accredited Safety Auditor

The aim of the accreditation services of Accredited Safety Auditors (ASAs) is to ensure that ASAs possess the necessary qualifications and capability in performing the independent safety audit. Accredited ASAs can participant in safety audit projects managed by the Council's Safety Audit Management Office (such as the "Housing Authority Safety Audit Scheme" and "Construction Site Safety Audit Scheme for Hong Kong Housing Society"); or safety certification audits assigned by the Hong Kong Safety and Health Certification Scheme (HKSHCS) (such as the "OSH Star Enterprise - RMAA Safety Accreditation Scheme" and "OSH Star Enterprise – Recycling Industry Safety and Health Enhancement Scheme").

Criteria for Initial Accreditation
  • Registered Safety Officer (RSO) under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Officers and Safety Supervisors) Regulations and a Registered Safety Auditor (RSA) under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation with at least 5 years’ post-RSO and RSA registration experience in construction safety management at managerial level; or any other qualifications considered equivalent by the Steering Committee; and

  • Applicants shall prove his/her proficiency and competence in safety auditing by furnishing documents demonstrating his/her participation as a team leader in at least one safety auditing assignment of acceptable scale (e.g. new building construction project/civil works project) in the construction industry by using the latest auditing system developed by the OSHC; and

  • Applicants must have good understanding of the safety management and auditing concepts and the Hong Kong legislation relating to industrial safety and health matters.

Criteria for Renewal
  • ASA Renewal:
  • The ASA accreditation is valid for one year.

  • Criteria for Renewal:
  • Possess a valid RSO and RSA registration from the Labour Department; and

  • Have successfully conducted at least one safety audit with a satisfactory report with the latest OSHC audit system or other projects pre-approved by the OSHC for review and appraisal; and

  • Maintain an acceptable level of auditing quality; and

  • Maintain their competence by obtaining 18 CPD units per year from CPD activities such as training courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
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